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(Almost) everyone has anxiety when it comes to taking a test. Having anxiety amplified by lab final anxiety is a living nightmare.

I’m getting physically sick now and I think I see my life flashing before my eyes. If I can get through all of these finals then I have a new bicycle, peace of mind, and an actual future to look forward to.

Please, please, please pray for me do my best. (And if you don’t like praying then just wish me luck!)


You can do this!  :)  (I’ll be praying for you.  <3)

Well, I did what I didn’t really want to do and had my mother call in sick for me. On the bright side I don’t have to present today and I have more time to work.

On the down side I now have more work to do today and I’ll have to check with my teachers when I get back on what I missed. I’ll probably have to present in psych. (Alone, since everyone else will be done with presentations), which sucks. :P

Words cannot express how much I don’t want to go to school today. I’m dreading my 3 classes so much. :P

I have all my hw for this unit due in chem. and I’ve barely done any of it. In psych. I have to present today. And in English we have a graded discussion on the first 3 acts of Hamlet. 1. I suck at graded discussions in English. 2. I’m only on the 2nd act of Hamlet & I didn’t take any notes for this discussion.

Overall I’m 110% done with the day, I have no energy, and I’d love to just curl up and fall back to sleep in my nice warm bed before my anxiety levels are through the roof and the pain in my stomach gets any worse.

Unfortunately that can’t be so.

…..God be with me.

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