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Some Thoughts on Noiz’s GE Route:

  • Those poor maids, I swear
  • …..I should have known he was so kinky.  I should have seen the signs!
  • Hot damn, was Noiz’s voice always that hot?!  I could get off to that alone.
  • …..Can I be Aoba, please?
  • Still upset that so many piercings were taken off, but thank the Lord we still have the ones from the waist down!  Oh, God, but why couldn’t he have slipped in the tongue piercing for this occassion?
  • It looks like Aoba & I have a fairly similar eye colour.  …..I don’t know why I’m noticing this.  (Okay, but the Wiki says he has very light-coloured brown eyes, so now I’m confused???  They look Greenish-Hazel to me.  IDK.  [I have Greenish-Blueish-Hazel, BTW.])

My Mom’s over here & I’m really frustrated b/c I was going to try to help her regain access to her FB account, but she went & tried to fix the problem herself and she somehow changed the password, doesn’t know what it is, & I can’t enter in the access code b/c she apparently entered access codes in too many times.

*Sighs*  Why me?

…..I wish it weren’t so hard to talk about my thoughts & feelings.  I wish I could put them into words.

Most of all I wish I could just reach out & get the help I need.

Because I really do need it.  I’m getting to the point where I can no longer deny that to myself.

Every day is a struggle & I’m just barely pulling through…..

I just want to be alive again.  I want to be happy.  

I want to be free…..

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